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This ministry is open to all young people of the parish in 4th grade and above. Acolytes assist the clergy during the worship service by lighting candles, holding the Bible during the Gospel, participating in the preparation of the Holy Eucharist, as well as many other important functions. Acolytes serve in teams of four, consisting of a First Server, a Crucifer, and two Torchbearers each Sunday during the 10 a.m. service and at other special services throughout the year. Each acolyte position has specific and distinct functions for which the acolyte will be trained before serving. All acolytes receive a cross engraved with their name and a ribbon color coded to recognize their length of service. St. Luke's acolytes have participated in 'The Day With The Bishop' for the past three years and were winners of the Acolyte Olympics in 2007 and 2008, and were 2nd in 2009.  Acolyte Master is Ronda Montgomery.

Lay Readers/Chalice Bearers

Chalice bearers assist the celebrant by serving communion wine. Lay Readers read the scripture lessons, psalms and lead the congregation in the prayers of the people. These ministries serve the regular services each weekend, services throughout the week, as well as special services during the Church year like Christmas and Holy Week, and occasional services such as funerals and weddings. Assignments for regular services are by rotation. Other services are scheduled based on availability.

St. Martha's Altar Guild

The behind-the-scenes work done before and after each service is performed by St. Martha’s Altar Guild. These women share their time and talents to ensure the Altars in both the Sanctuary and Chapel are prepared and cared for with sincere devotion and dedication. They assist with baptisms, weddings, and funerals in addition to taking care of the altar and its vestments for all worship services. 


The Vergers act as the head of the procession and a director of 'traffic' during each Sunday service and certain special days when the pattern of worship is more complicated. St. Luke's is blessed to have three Vergers:  Katherine Langan, Susan Mathison and Jim Cocks.



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